April 22 Saturday to April 28 Friday

2017-04-21 11:30:02

By Sandagomi


Aries (Mesha):

 The planetary influences that began working in your favour from the eve of the National New Year continue to operate in full measure. You may embark on any undertaking assured of success. Gainful co-operation from friends and their delightful company will be a source of inspiration to you. Meanwhile, new income avenues will open up. You have to be careful not to speak out of turn and be discourteous and unkind to others.


Taurus (Vrushabha):

Mars disciplined by Jupiter’s special aspect continues to make you energetic and proactive, but you have to be mindful of personal safety and avoid risk-taking.    The exalted Venus continuing transit in the 11th House signifies a steady income and gains from whatever trade you are engaged in. Meanwhile, you will find yourself in the delightful company of friends. All in all, a favourable week is ahead of you.    


Gemini (Mithuna):

Fame and gainful foreign travel are indicated for natives who are artistes. Lagnadhipati retrograde Mercury conjunct with exalted Sun in the 11th House raises the prospect of increased income, business success and the patronage and help of those holding high office. Career success and possibly a high post in the public service are indicated for natives running favourable Dasas.  Political and military high office indicated for natives running Rahu Maha Dasa.


Cancer (Kataka):

 High political office is likely for natives active in politics.  Brighter career prospects, fame and recognition and gainful foreign travel are on the cards for natives in general and higher political or executive office await those placed in appropriate circumstances. Natives pursuing careers as artistes, writers and journalists can look forward to rewards and high recognition.


 Leo (Sinha):

 Foreign travel on state business is indicated for natives in appropriate circumstances.  Lagnadhipati Sun placed in the 9th Bhagyasthana with exalted status and in conjunction with Mercury accounts for the most favourable position that holds out great success and achievements. A prosperous time lies ahead for Leo natives who are politicians, traders, writers and academics.


Virgo (Kanya):

Jupiter in the Lagna makes you more interested in altruistic activity than in pursuits that bring you material gains. Marital happiness, love and romance are held out by an exalted Venus in the 7th House. Natives with stakes in business partnerships can look forward to sizable gains. A strong pull towards sensual pleasures carries the danger of being led to secret liaisons. The ongoing period is not favourable for setting out on distant journeys.  


Libra (Thula):

 Harsha Yoga-producing exalted Venus in the 6th House brings you happiness and unexpected financial gains. The direct aspect of the exalted Sun and Mercury over the Lagna greatly strengthens your personality and imbues you with much drive, energy and confidence. However, Mars in the 8th House is a threat to your personal safety and avoiding risk-involved activity is advisable.


Scorpio (Vrushika):

 Saturn in the 2nd House can mar peace and happiness in the family. The exalted Sun in the 6th House bestows enhanced power, influence and authority and this position is very favourable for those holding high political or executive office or positions of command in particular.  The time ahead is also very favourable for artistes, academics and those active in the entertainment industry. 


Sagittarius (Dhanu):

You have to remember that you are prone to body aches and pains and melancholy moods due to Saturn in the Lagna. Rajayoga-producing exalted Sun- Mercury combination in the 5th Moolatrikona holds out great success and high achievements ahead if your Dasas are also favourable. Mars in the 6th Upachaya House promises increased power, influence and authority. 


Capricorn (Makara):

You have to be more mindful of the safety and health of your children, the eldest child in particular.  Sun -Mercury combination apart from assuring acquisition of wealth, a comfortable residence and other property is capable of bestowing high political or military office if the Dasas are favourable.  Writers, journalists and artistes are in for rewards and high recognition.  You have come under the Lagna Shani Erashtaka technically with Saturn beginning transit in 12th House. 


Aquarius (Kumbha):

Those running the Ketu Maha Dasa face circumstances that can cause disrepute and even loss of employment. The Sun now transiting in your 3rd House can place you in a position of great strength that commands much power and influence. This is a position very favourable for natives active in politics and holding executive office. Dissention in the family and disputes with relatives are a likelihood.


Pisces (Meena):

  Time ahead is generally favourable for all natives except for those running the Saturn Maha Dasa. Increased resources at disposal and peace and harmony in the family are held out by the Sun- Mercury combination in the 2nd House. Malavya Yoga-producing Venus in the Lagna bestows luxuries and comforts while imbuing you with confidence, a cheerful disposition and a positive outlook. 




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