Planetary combinations that produce great men and women

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By A. S. Fernando

In Predictive Astrology, yogas play an important role. There are auspicious (Subha) as well as evil (Arishta) Yogas.  The Yogas are specific planetary combinations in a horoscope of an individual that produce specific good or bad or positive or negative results. These yogas have been propounded by great ancient Indian sages like Parasara, Varahamihira and Jaimini basing them on key principles in Vedic Astrology. 

Auspicious and inauspicious yogas

There are thousands of yogas now being followed for predictive purposes. For example, there is a yoga called Daridra Yoga which says that a person afflicted by this yoga would become poor - suffer for want, even if he were born into a royal family. There is another yoga called Vasumati Yoga. A person fortified with this yoga at birth would come into immense wealth even if he were born into a poor family.  

Combinations discovered by empirical knowledge

Meanwhile, the eminent astrologers have identified through long years of empirical knowledge and evidence certain specific planetary combinations other than those yogas already propounded by great sages which produce great men and women like rulers, statesmen, great scholars, multi-billionaires, political leaders, army commanders and so on.  These specific combinations though they do not come under the yoga nomenclature provide the clue to form a snapshot judgment of the future of a native with a cursory glance at his horoscope.     


  • A select few of such auspicious planetary combinations are given below.
  • A person born when Jupiter and Venus occupy the Pisces Lagna, Sun the 2nd House of Aries and Mars the 11th House of Capricorn, would be a great person equal in stature to a king.
  • A person born when Rahu, Mars, Saturn and Venus are posited in the Virgo sign (Rashi) would be a self-made wealthy man.
  • Sun and Mercury in the 10th House and Mars and Rahu in the 6th House at birth make the native a great man commanding authority.
  • A person born when Jupiter is in the 5th, Moon in the 7th and Venus in the 10th, would achieve a high position in the government.
  • If at birth Jupiter is in the Lagna, Saturn in the 12th and all other planets in the 10th House, the native would lead a comfortable life with all needs at his disposal.
  • Jupiter in the 3rd, Venus in the 8th, and all other planets in the 10th would produce a great person who can live in the lap of luxury.
  • Mars and Venus in Sagittarius, Jupiter in Pisces, and Mercury in Libra at birth would make the native a high ranking army commander of the government.
  • A person born when Sun is in Aries, Mercury and Venus in the 12th, Rahu in the 2nd and Mars in the 3rd would be a great person commanding political power.
  • If Jupiter is in the 3rd, and Moon is in the 11th at birth native would be a very fortunate person who would bring honour and fame to his family and the clan.
  • If all benefic planets are exalted at birth, the native would bring much honor and fame to his family and clan.
  • If all planets are clustered in the 12th ,1st, 2nd and 7th Houses at birth, the native would become the leader of his community.
  • A person born with three or four planets conjunct with Sun or Moon, the native would inherit great wealth and the right to rule his country. This also happens to be a Pravurjya Yoga.
  • If born when Jupiter, Mercury, and Saturn are in their own signs, the native would enjoy long life and prosperity.
  • If born when Venus, Jupiter and Moon together occupy the same sign, the native would so fortunate as to get a good wife, sons and daughters he can be proud of.
  • If born when Jupiter is in Leo sign, and all other planets are in Cancer, Libra, Sagittarius, and Capricorn, the native would be a ruler of a province and a landed proprietor.
  • If the birth takes place when Mercury is in the 5th, Moon in the 10th, and Jupiter in the 9th native would be a well-disciplined great scholar.
  • If born when Jupiter is in the 5th, Moon is in the 10th; native would be an educated and highly disciplined great man.
  • If the birth occurs all planets occupy Aries, Taurus, Gemini, Sagittarius, Capricorn, and Pisces, the native would gain worldwide fame.
  • Venus, Jupiter, Mars and Moon are clustered in the 4th with Sun or Saturn; the native would be a powerful and rich landed proprietor.
  • If the birth occurs when Moon and Saturn are in the Lagna, Jupiter is either in the 5th or the 9th and Sun and Mars in the 10th the native would be a person of indomitable courage.
  • If Sun, Jupiter, Saturn and Mars are exalted in Aries, Cancer, Libra and Capricorn respectively and one of these signs happens to be the Lagna, the native would be a ruler of his country.

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  • Nadi Karunaratne Saturday, 05 May 2018 05:06 PM

    This is the 21st Century, how can anyone believe this tripe.

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