Former CJ challenges President’s move

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Former Chief Justice Sarath N. Silva claimed yesterday President Maithripala Sirisena should learn the law of the country from the kindergarten level.

Addressing the UPFA election rally in Kurunegala, he said a secretary of a political party could not be removed without an order from the Supreme Court when an election had been declared and therefore, the removal of the UPFA General Susil Premajayantha and Sri Lanka Freedom Party (SLFP) Anura Priyadarshana Yapa were legally not valid.

He said a lower court has no jurisdiction in this regard. Already, he said the elections commissioner had accepted these two as the party secretaries and therefore, a district court could not rule against the election law.

He said the election law could not be changed from a signature of a district judge who was on his way home after finishing duties for the day.


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  • Don Saturday, 15 August 2015 09:40 AM

    Mr.Silva, we know who you are. Please keep your mouth shut and go home and get some rest.

    Kulatunga Ratnayake Saturday, 15 August 2015 07:40 PM

    this fellow sold the independence of judiciary to the highest bidder while he was on top.still has the audacity to make statements like this .shameless prick

    Bippity Boppity Boo Saturday, 15 August 2015 09:44 AM

    It is time the Mr. Sarth Silva also study the laws of the country. We can not let thieves and their friends rip the county off. One time was bad enough. This man has no shame.

    Mahinda Rajaa Saturday, 15 August 2015 02:07 PM

    You know nothing about Law in this Country.judas.

    Bippity Boppity Boo Saturday, 15 August 2015 09:45 AM

    A political party in a NGO. What are you talking about my friend. Horuth samaga Horu .

    MrSilva Saturday, 15 August 2015 07:54 PM

    Only educated ones.

    Jayantha Saturday, 15 August 2015 09:45 AM

    People must not listen to the words of "Kekille".

    Jaya Saturday, 15 August 2015 09:46 AM

    Is there anyone understand what you said ??????

    azath Monday, 17 August 2015 02:11 PM

    OMG, The old Thief Justice again.

    Bippity Boppity Boo Saturday, 15 August 2015 09:47 AM

    Ha Ha Ha! We have heard of your interpretation of the laws of Sri Lanka before and you apologised to the public. What more. Sayonara my friend.

    Jaya Sunday, 16 August 2015 06:14 PM

    Educated people never ever gives wrong judgements

    Silva Saturday, 15 August 2015 02:21 PM

    Well, will you pls let us know where you have your brain ? do you have one at all ?

    Wrp Saturday, 15 August 2015 09:57 AM

    Nonsense. Is this the same CJ apologised the nation for freeing Mahinda regarding Tsunami case ???.

    ishan Saturday, 15 August 2015 02:22 PM

    Useless man in our intellectual community. Sir nownu r a expired sodA bottle

    CitizenOne Saturday, 15 August 2015 08:47 PM

    He is trying so hard to be taken seriously that its starting to become really sad. Your past precedes you Mr. Silva; everyone knows what a crooked person you really are. Saturday, 15 August 2015 09:02 PM

    lost the respect for this SOB

    RohanSam Saturday, 15 August 2015 09:11 PM

    Mr.Silva you might regret later for your comments. So better keep quite.

    Peter Saturday, 15 August 2015 09:59 AM

    Since when did Mr. Sarath De Silva becoming spokespersons for MR...

    Deen sab Saturday, 15 August 2015 09:13 PM

    former CJ he is the excutive president of this mother lanka.. but your are cheater of this mother Lanka..

    chinthak7 Saturday, 15 August 2015 02:32 PM


    mohamed Saturday, 15 August 2015 09:50 PM

    I feel sorry about you the few kinder garden judgements you gave in favor of MR during your tenure of service

    Nihal Amarasekera Saturday, 15 August 2015 10:02 AM

    Tongue twister!

    Sincere Saturday, 15 August 2015 02:47 PM

    He has wasted his dignity. No one now takes him too serious except those in the garbage bin of the history.

    Sarath Aravinda De Silva Sunday, 16 August 2015 07:43 PM

    We can see Sarath Nanda Silva turn around once again after sometime MR gets defeated in his PM race!

    a.v wimalasingham Saturday, 15 August 2015 10:05 PM

    Has this man got any dignity? He makes a mockery of the most distinguish job in the judiciary by his regular contradictions of his views.

    garawi Saturday, 15 August 2015 02:50 PM

    Who cares what you say now! You have two tongues! Besides we know what you did while going home!

    Kumar Saturday, 15 August 2015 10:29 AM

    Does the Supreme Court elects the secretary ofa political party ? Thank God you are not the CJ any moreand where did you get your law degree from ?

    zeylanicus Saturday, 15 August 2015 10:37 PM

    What about the ruling given by you (ie. Supreme Court) with regard to the hedging case? Was that ruling respected and accepted by the then government ?

    southpaw Saturday, 15 August 2015 10:32 AM

    Money talks . Money can influence people and turn them in to Frogs

    patriot Saturday, 15 August 2015 03:03 PM

    You are a discarded coin, who cares your opinion Sarath!!

    Blessing Saturday, 15 August 2015 10:33 AM

    I think Sarath Silva should go to law school again as he has forgotten many things.

    Mujiburrahman Saturday, 15 August 2015 03:05 PM

    Mohan Peris and Sarath Silva in the same boat-

    KOLA KOTIYA Saturday, 15 August 2015 10:38 AM


    karsha Saturday, 15 August 2015 10:39 AM

    do you really know the Law?

    chandradeva Sunday, 16 August 2015 12:16 AM

    Your voice is null and void in the public.

    Nethra Saturday, 15 August 2015 10:50 AM

    Why everybody just jabbering,let the masses give the verdict on 17th August,2015.

    Saliya GDS Saturday, 15 August 2015 03:17 PM

    I know the law putha

    prasanna Sunday, 16 August 2015 12:37 AM

    I think you have forgotten he fired the first bullet against it and rest of the political parties grabbed it and went on to defeat MR.

    willowsd Saturday, 15 August 2015 10:56 AM

    do yo know the law my friend?

    sanaboy Sunday, 16 August 2015 01:11 AM

    Whatever he says does not have any value because even he does not know what he is talking about.

    Cheers Saturday, 15 August 2015 10:59 AM

    You mean the puppet president

    Ranjith Saturday, 15 August 2015 03:42 PM

    Yes you are correct our president should learn the law of the country and to act as a gentleman Thank you.

    GC Sunday, 16 August 2015 02:15 AM

    So, what did he publicly apologised for and sought forgiveness from people?

    Subha Sunday, 16 August 2015 02:27 AM

    Playboy CJ.. looking for work.. Hope he gets shot to death.. on the way home!

    de silva Sunday, 16 August 2015 10:37 PM

    Who knows whether MR promised him the CJ post again if he become the PM

    Gedara Yana Gaman Sunday, 16 August 2015 02:47 AM

    Thank you for your unsolicited legal opinion, we may not need your advice...outdated,,,further more Mr not binding on us..Mr OAP

    johan Saturday, 15 August 2015 11:14 AM

    The judgements delivered by this double tongued CJshould be dug after the election.I do not know howhe got CJ post

    Mohamed Saturday, 15 August 2015 11:17 AM

    One who is responsible for the constitutional mess by granting unconstitutional extensions to Presidential terms. The very person who wanted Mahinda removed is now talking kiri panni for MR.

    sdes Saturday, 15 August 2015 11:17 AM

    He fitted the clinical definition of psychopath

    Malin Sunday, 16 August 2015 06:19 AM

    Yes, MR has got a file about a bouncing car parked at Diyawanna.

    S.Sriranjan Saturday, 15 August 2015 04:15 PM

    Sarath N Silva Former President Council!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Lankan citizen Sunday, 16 August 2015 06:53 AM

    Finally anyone can make statements to media to the President....

    Vanguard Sunday, 16 August 2015 07:17 AM

    Well done!

    Saman Wijesiri Sunday, 16 August 2015 07:41 AM

    A dud coin seeking to enter circulation!

    Vanguard Sunday, 16 August 2015 07:59 AM

    Two prime ministerial candidates, honorable leaders in the SLFP, according to MS. What next.Can we trust him?

    sinnan Saturday, 15 August 2015 11:36 AM

    This Shows How these legal eagels twist the law for their own Benefit and gain at the expenses of poor country men.

    TONY Saturday, 15 August 2015 04:41 PM


    upul Saturday, 15 August 2015 04:45 PM

    Clown n de silva

    Dr Who Sunday, 16 August 2015 08:44 AM

    Sorry sir you have lost your credibility.

    Phili Saturday, 15 August 2015 11:58 AM

    This chief injustice was a disgrace, it is ruling like letting MP jump like frogs from one side to the other has put this country in to a mess

    Satya Saturday, 15 August 2015 11:59 AM

    He is quite used to doing things non traditional GEDERA YANA GAMAN after a days work .

    rayan Saturday, 15 August 2015 11:59 AM

    New spokesman for MR,

    Anura Saturday, 15 August 2015 04:59 PM

    Chalie Chaplin

    Philip Saturday, 15 August 2015 12:01 PM

    Even a common man would have given a better judgement using common sense

    Push Saturday, 15 August 2015 05:01 PM

    You always took everything from the wrong side. Please spend the rest of your life at home.

    Gamarala Monday, 17 August 2015 07:24 AM

    The Law and order in the country was spoiled by people like you. No Retired CJ went to political stage in history. Your and MR can see your position after 18th.

    Sri Wickrama Saturday, 15 August 2015 05:14 PM

    You are not the law. Let the court decide. Whole country know what you did during your tenure.

    Dr Wijeratne Saturday, 15 August 2015 05:21 PM

    It is extremely pathetic and a disgrace for a country like Sri Lanka to have had a chief Justice who can scoop down to such a low level for personal gain. Any citizen who has a bit of a brain can understand the double standard of this cheap character

    de silva Sunday, 16 August 2015 10:23 AM

    This person is trying to teach the law in this country when he gave wrong verdicts during his period as the CJ.So we must ask the question from him first.

    kamalhot1 Saturday, 15 August 2015 12:07 PM

    Point may be correct, but we do not accept your word any more, your mouth stinking.

    Veda-mama Saturday, 15 August 2015 12:08 PM

    He was having a sore throat, man. A very bad one indeed.

    Lima Sunday, 16 August 2015 10:37 AM


    jawfer Saturday, 15 August 2015 05:26 PM

    You tell us how did you decide cases when you were as cheap justice ?

    weera Saturday, 15 August 2015 12:10 PM

    This guy talks from both ends.

    Perumal Sunday, 16 August 2015 11:37 AM

    If this man was the one who advised the deposed king on legal matters, well, then we can understand why he bungled.

    franco Saturday, 15 August 2015 12:11 PM

    this guy has no shame " Gedara Yana Gaman" shame he was one time f.....g CJ OF THE COUNTRY

    Nimal Saturday, 15 August 2015 05:36 PM

    This fool seems to think that he is the only one in Sri Lanka that knows law!

    Naushi Sunday, 16 August 2015 11:56 AM

    King kekille

    Don Monday, 17 August 2015 09:13 AM

    Silva, you clown, face it, you are not now coming into parliament on the national list, so shut up and go home.

    Ratna Sunday, 16 August 2015 12:46 PM

    It is shameful for the country that we had a person of this calibre as Chief Justice of the country!

    Premalal Saturday, 15 August 2015 12:37 PM

    This shameless man stands shoulder to shoulder with Prabhakaran as the two men who helped to destroy this country in their own different ways.

    aZA Saturday, 15 August 2015 06:00 PM

    SHAMELESS person everyone know what you did to innocent husband of the women you had an affair with and your decisions when you were CJ

    Maya Sunday, 16 August 2015 01:14 PM

    He is a showpiece of our Nations achievement following British rule.No wonder nattamai who able manage get some qualifications with English can become a CJ. Explains all.

    Lankan Saturday, 15 August 2015 12:46 PM

    Finally, anyone can give comments against president.

    OMG Sunday, 16 August 2015 01:23 PM

    Like the Chief of RADA this guy also needs to be sent to Angoda Lunatic hospital.

    Thamara Monday, 17 August 2015 10:32 AM

    This lunatyic should be behind bars and all his past judgments should be reviewed including the Helping Hambanthta .

    Rizwie Deen Tuesday, 18 August 2015 11:16 AM

    Keep your mouth shut.Nobody cares and listen what you say.You are the main culprit who ruined this country,s justice system.

    VT Saturday, 15 August 2015 12:56 PM

    This guy does not deserve even the term former CJ but one among the 40 thieves around Ali Baba !! What a shame.Our nation should not tolerate these guys.

    Lion Saturday, 15 August 2015 12:58 PM

    Shame... and Surprise how this person were CJ. I never seen CJ behave such low level in this country.

    Leon Saturday, 15 August 2015 06:16 PM

    It is better for you to be silent as people have lost faithin you. How you became a CJ is a mystery.

    mori Saturday, 15 August 2015 06:28 PM

    He is only quoting from the rule book. And he never said he deliberately made the wrong decision re Tsunami case. What he said was, had the decision gone the other way (if there was evidence to prove, which it did not), things would have been different.

    R.Wijewira Sunday, 16 August 2015 03:56 PM

    He will apologise for this statement also very soon.

    MAMS Saturday, 15 August 2015 06:36 PM

    Your Lordship acquitted MARA on misappropriation of Ptsunami funds. Now you are dancing another tune. What we make out of this?

    Arjuna Ranawana Saturday, 15 August 2015 01:10 PM

    It is non senesce . Have you challenged former Precedence decisions, like today.

    Citizen Saturday, 15 August 2015 01:12 PM

    We still remember during your days of "Gedara yana gaman"

    Upul Saturday, 15 August 2015 06:58 PM

    It looks like MR is having your file too.

    Gobba Sunday, 16 August 2015 04:43 PM

    They are still looking for his LOST TROUSERS by the Diyawanna !!!!

    who cares this man Saturday, 15 August 2015 01:34 PM

    this man has no job now...wasipaythay hoyai.... MR money and faciliteis working...who cares this crock.

    Onlooker Saturday, 15 August 2015 07:10 PM

    He wants to become an important public figure, no one trusts him.

    sathya Monday, 17 August 2015 12:00 PM

    S.N. Silva judges as to His judgement always makes him to ask apology.....

    citizen a Saturday, 15 August 2015 09:39 AM

    Will say yes.but what do you have to say about certain judgments given by it professional or kindergarten.

    lalith de Saturday, 15 August 2015 09:39 AM

    king of law here again raised his voice............ where his vibrant voice when 18th amendment was passed?

    Axehead Saturday, 15 August 2015 07:32 PM

    I doubt even he understands what he says

    TONY Sunday, 16 August 2015 05:07 PM


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