Smooth traffic flow at Rajagiriya

2017-03-14 09:14:25

Motorists reported smooth traffic flow at Rajagiriya today, day 2 of the pilot project by Ministry of Megapolis and Western Development.

The ministry officials had recommended minor adjustments after the teething problems experienced yesterday and Minister Patali Champika Ranawaka had directed that they be implemented with immediate effect from day 2.

The week long pilot-project of bus –priority lane is being carried out as a trial in view of gathering information for formulating plans to ensure smooth traffic flow in Colombo.

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  • Napoleon Tuesday, 14 March 2017 09:34

    Its trial and error till its well on track.Traffic flowed smoothly today. A big thank to you Minister Ranawaka and officials for this forward thinking move.

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    One Shot Ranjan Tuesday, 14 March 2017 19:42

    Educated people will appreciate Minister's good move. Cultureless animals in the opposition cannot be helped.

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    WISE DONKEY Wednesday, 15 March 2017 09:55

    Be careful the next protest will be there to disrupt the smooth flow of traffic! No matter what they are protesting for!

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    Lankaputha Tuesday, 14 March 2017 09:36

    Allow Three Wheeler also to that bus lane, then see how the traffic is reduced in Colombo.

    Reply : 10       98

    MP Tuesday, 14 March 2017 11:35

    Good suggestion. Yes it is private buses and three wheels that mostly make road violations.

    Reply : 1       31

    ralahamy Tuesday, 14 March 2017 13:23

    This may even reduce accidents and bad tempers.

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    Ganda Katta Aluthgamage Tuesday, 14 March 2017 19:48

    If by any chance Namal becomes a President after 40 years from now, please forward your suggestion to that Nutty.

    Reply : 6       2

    Moda Bandula GONNA Tuesday, 14 March 2017 19:50

    It is like Bandula's promise - 2500/- more than enough for a person to nicely eat and survive.

    Reply : 2       5

    mnsmart Tuesday, 14 March 2017 09:38

    Our people are impatient - its a pilot project

    Reply : 1       83

    Wedige Tuesday, 14 March 2017 10:31

    You are absolutely correct. We are 10 to 15 years behind and this is a very standard in most of the countires.

    Reply : 1       25

    New Tech Ranil Tuesday, 14 March 2017 19:53

    Halloo, you are always negative as you people always have negative ideas. That is why MR cheated you guys.

    Reply : 8       4

    JAN Tuesday, 14 March 2017 09:48

    Well done effort makes clear our roads discipline gradually as our citizens used to bad ugly manner to past 30 years well done minister via DM Android App

    Reply : 1       71

    Pularika Tuesday, 14 March 2017 10:40

    Thank you Minister. Please extend this to other roads in Colombo as well via DM Android App

    Reply : 0       20

    Labby Tuesday, 14 March 2017 11:32

    What about container trucks ?

    Reply : 1       16

    Ganesh Tuesday, 14 March 2017 11:44

    Without patiently waiting that was a trail and error run , a lot of people were beating their breast yesterday .This is how some people are critical of everything then and there .Today shamelessly appreciate the plan

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    RK Tuesday, 14 March 2017 12:09

    for this project to be continuously successful, there should be cameras fixed to monitor the bus lanes to see if unauthorised vehicles are using it and fined. otherwise in time to come, this will just be another lane on the road.

    Reply : 0       22

    rosebud Tuesday, 14 March 2017 12:27

    Get rid if three wheeler menace and introduce modern mass transit system. via DM Android App

    Reply : 1       18

    ceylon Tuesday, 14 March 2017 14:05

    much needed plan.if work this minister who was target for un ending critisism from every cornerswill have a positive reaction. via DM Android App

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    Indupallai Tuesday, 14 March 2017 14:29

    This will only last a week, like the plastic food wrap, like the public smoking ban, like the tickets for bus. just same old story

    Reply : 20       9

    Kadupol Jothywansa Tuesday, 14 March 2017 19:34

    Go to hell man, you are a frog in the well like Mahinda and his gangsters...

    Reply : 5       9

    Dammika Tuesday, 14 March 2017 15:54

    Excellent to hear from the public.... Let's see the reactions from crazy bus association .... If they come out general public also must react by boycotting them

    Reply : 0       14

    Desmond Jeromme Tuesday, 14 March 2017 19:30

    Well done, Minister Patali Champika Ranawaka you are an Engineer who knows what's to be done and your first step worked well and thanks a million Sir.

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    Kiris Baba Amaray Tuesday, 14 March 2017 19:31

    Master plan by a Great Master worked well. thanks Sir.

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    German Jacob Tuesday, 14 March 2017 19:32

    Honest persons plans will surely will work..... thanks a million to our Minister Champika.

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    jml Tuesday, 14 March 2017 21:30

    bouquet to Minister Champika. well done. via DM Android App

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    Chaminda Wednesday, 15 March 2017 06:03

    Please extend the Duplication road up to Aththidiya and make Galle road and the Duplication road one way streets up to Aththidiya. This will go a long way to alleviate traffic congestion on Galle road beyond Dharmarama road.

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    Sharon Wednesday, 15 March 2017 09:24

    Good news and well done. However, is this due to motorists taking alternative routes due to previous day's bad experience? It reminds me of Hawthorne effect... Just be mindful

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