HRC calls for abolishing death penalty

2016-01-04 11:25:18

The Human Rights Commission today said that it had recommend President Maithripala Sirisena to abolish the death penalty in Sri Lanka in keeping with the country’s commitment to a more humane society consonant with the human rights principles and values.

“The Human Rights Commission wishes to bring to Your Excellency’s and the Government’s attention to the recommendations regarding the abolition of the death penalty, which is imperative for Sri Lanka in recognition of the growing global recognition that the death penalty seriously violates several human rights including the right to life and freedom from cruel and inhuman punishment,” the Commission said.

In a letter signed by Commission’s Chairman Dr. N. D. Udagama, the Commission said that it advise and assist the government in formulating legislation to promote and protect fundamental rights and to ensure that national laws and administrative practices are in accordance with international human rights norms and standards.

The letter said the death penalty was an extreme, irreversible punishment and is ineffective as a deterrent to crime.

It said Sri Lanka should demonstrate its commitment to the sanctity of life and fundamental human rights principles by joining the more than 100 nations in the world that have abolished the death penalty thus far. “Another 60 countries do not carry out death sentences in practice,” it said.